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Lower YDL Review – Match 2: Leigh Sports Village

A great turnout saw the Wigan team finish in an impressive 2nd place (of 7 teams) with 458 points!

First up….

U15 Girls

Standout performances go to…….

· Emma Pimblett!!!!!! Our super sprinter secured the English Schools’ National Entry Standard with her 100m (12.7s) 1st place. Emma also won the 200m A with a 26.5s PB (but unfortunately was wind assisted)

· Kady Hall – Our other super sprinter won the 100m B race with a PB (13.1s), plus winning the 200m B with a Pb (26.6s) – again unfortunately with an illegal wind reading.

· Lauren Hewitt came 3rd in a highly competitive 75m Hurdles race securing a huge 0.6s PB (12.3s)

· Nour Kholeif finished 2nd in the 800m A (2.33) – a 3 second PB from last year.

Other performances:

Emma Pimblett: 1st Long Jump B (4.31m)

Kady Hall: 1st High Jump A (1.45m)

Lauren Hewitt: 1st Shot A (8.80m), 2nd Long Jump A (4.72m)

Nour Kholeif: 1st 300m A (46.6s)

Claudia Berry: 1st Pole Vault A (2.80m)

Emily Wilson: 1st Pole Vault B (1.80m), 3rd Shot B (5.03m), 4th Javelin B (7.74m)

Esme Harris: 2nd High Jump B (1.25m), 800m NS (2.51)

Esme Clark: 2nd 800m B (2.51)

Lucy Orrell: 3rd 1500m A (5.31)

Holly Nicholls: 1st 1500m B (5.40)

Ava Wareing: 5th Javelin A (11.08m), 4th Discus B (8.71m)

Chloe Budworth: 1st 100m NS (14.3), 5th Discus A (10.33m)

Katie Bonner: 800m NS (2.53)

4x100m Relay: Kady Hall, Lauren Hewitt, Emily Wilson, Emma Pimblett – 1st (53.2)

4x300m Relay: Katie Bonner, Esme Clark, Nour Kholeif, Esme Harris – 3rd (3.24)

U15 Boys

Standout performances go to…….

· John Hassan 2nd 800m A (2.14)

· William Ashcroft 1st 800m B (2.21) – 2 second PB

· Joshua Roberts 3rd 300m A (43.2) – 1 second PB

Other Performances:

Josh Roberts: 5th 100m A (13.3s)

Lucas Swift: 5th 100m B (15.3), 6th 200m A (28.2), 4th Javelin A (18.45m)

William Ashcroft: 6th Long Jump A (3.86m), 6th Shot A (5.84m)

Alexander Glenn: 5th 1500m A (5.27), 3rd Shot B (4.70m), 2nd Javelin B (12.20m)

Lucas Harmer: 2nd Discus A (10.84m)

4x100m Relay: Alexander Glenn, Lucas Harmer, Lucas Swift, Josh Roberts – 4th (56.0)

U13 Girls

Standout performances go to……

· Maisie Cadman with a 2:35 800m finishing in 3rd place A (that’s a 7 second PB on last years’ time)

· Mia Lacey with a 1.20m high jump finishing in 1st place A (5cm PB already this year)

· Evelyn Hampson with an impressive 21.8s in the 150m – finishing in 3rd place A (first competitive effort at that event)

Other performances:

Mia Lacey: 4th 1200m A (4.53)

Elody Hill: 2nd 75m A (11.5s), 3rd Long Jump A (3.64m)

Chloe Skett: 3rd 75m B (12.4s), 3rd High Jump B (1.05m), 4th 150m B (23.0s)

Maisie Cadman: 5th Javelin A (9.02m)

Grace Harris: 5th 800m B (3.13), 2nd 70m Hurdles B (16.7), 6th Long Jump B (2.56m)

Skye Gordon: 3rd 70m Hurdles A (13.1s), 4th Shot B (5.08m), 3rd Javelin B (6.46m)

Amber Kyte: 2nd Shot A (6.02m), 1st 75m NS (12.5s)

Carly McGrath: 4th 75m NS (12.3s)

4x100m Relay: Skye Gordon, Chloe Skett, Elody Hill, Evelyn Hampson – 2nd (58.5)

U13 Boys

Standout performances go to………

· Samuel Hodgkinson winning the High Jump A with an impressive 1.30m and equalling his PB, Sam also threw a strong 21.02m javelin A to place 3rd.

· Zak Manir-Jolley placed 2nd in the Javelin B with a throw of 14.30 (massive 5m PB from last year)!

Other performances:

Samuel Hodgkinson: 3rd 75m Hurdles A (17.6)

Emanuel Ladson: 4th 75m A (11.2s), 7th 150m A (22.6s)

James Darby: 3rd 800m A (2.44), 5th 75m B (11.8s), 4th Shot B (4.03m)

Leo Ashcroft: 1st 800m B (2.46), 4th 150m B (23.7s), 3rd Long Jump B (2.89m)

Zak Manir-Jolley: 3rd 1200m A (4.15), 5th Shot A (4.66m)

Finley Callister: 2nd 75m NS (12.4s), 5th Long Jump A (3.33m)

4x100m Relay: Samuel Hodgkinson, Leo Ashcroft, James Darby, Emanuel Ladson – 3rd (61.6)

A huge well done to all athletes (and parents) for your commitment to helping Team Wigan. Congratulations on some fabulous performances!

John Hewitt – Team Manager (YDL Lower)

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