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Lower YDL Match 2 – 19th May 2024

Lower YDL Match 2 – 19th May 2024

On another glorious day at Leigh Sports Village our lower YDL team stepped out to perform for the club in our second league match.  It was yet another day of immense team spirit which saw a host of personal bests.


The U15 boys were on fire in the sprints.  Henry Morris ran a PB of 13.7 in the 100m, before he and Josh Roberts both ran PBs in the 200m, Josh knocking almost 2 seconds off his previous best with 24.6s to come third in the A race.  Henry ran 27.9 (PB) in the B.  In the 300m it was Josh again chipping away at his PB to run 40.0 and come second in the A race with James Darby making his 300m debut and running 46.4 in the B.  Concluding the sprints, Sam Hodgkinson knocked a second off his 80m hurdles PB running 14.8s.


Not to be outdone, in the 800m Will Ashcroft ran an impressive PB of 2.12 to come third in the A race.  Alexander Glenn won the B race in an equal PB of 2.21. Henry Jeffs-Watts made his debut in the 1500m running 5.19 (yes in that heat)!


Over in the field William Ashcroft jumped an impressive 1.50m PB in the high jump taking equal third as the A, backed up by Sam Hodgkinson taking second in the B competition with 1.40m.  Josh Roberts still had a little bit left in his legs after the sprints and jumped 4.84, in the long jump. 


In the throws Alexander Glenn threw 4.42m in the shot, whilst there were PBs for both of our discus throwers with Will Ashcroft throwing 14.01 (A) and James Darby 9.97m (B).  Sam Hodgkinson threw a PB in the javelin (20.89m) with Alexander Glenn in the B throwing 13.27m.



4x100m:  Henry Morris, Henry Jeffs-Watts, Sam Hodgkinson, Josh Roberts - 4th (53.4)

4x300m:  William Ashcroft, Alexander Glenn, James Darby, Henry Morris - 2nd (2.50)


In the U15 girls, Elody Hill and Chloe Skett both ran PBs in the 100m (13.5s and 14.3s respectively), whilst Evie Hampson also ran a PB of 14.2 as the non-scorer.  It was then Elody and Natalia Prokop who ran PBs in the 200m, Elody almost a second better than her previous with 27.8s and Natalia running 29.2.  The PBs continued to roll as our other Prokop sister (Klaudia) improved by 1.5 seconds on her previous 300m PB running 48.7 with Grace Harris making her 300m debut running 49.2.  Concluding the sprints, in the 75m hurdles, Lauren Hewitt dominated to win the A race and chip away at her PB running 12.0, with Skye Gordon coming second in the B race with 13.6.


On a very hot day for distance running, Grace Harris smashed her 800m PB running 2.53, whilst Maisie Cadman came second in the 1500m, again with a PB of 5.00.


Special things were happening over in the field as Lauren Hewitt jumped a PB in the long jump, exceeding the English Schools National Standards and clearly winning the A competition with a 5.26m jump.  Evie Hampson also won the B competition with a 4.08m PB.  In the high jump, Emily Wilson jumped a PB of 1.35m for 3rd in the A competition with Skye Gordon jumping 1.25m as the B.  After trying to familiarise herself with a new pole Emily didn't manage to secure a height on this occasion in the pole vault following her recent run of success.


Over in the throws, it was a clear win for Lauren in the shot with a 10.34m PB, with Chloe Skett also producing a PB in the B competition (5.07m).  Ava Wareing (still recovering from a broken finger) threw 12.82m for 3rd in the discus, with Skye Gordon making her debut and throwing a truly impressive 11.63m.  It was Ava again in the javelin A competition with a 20.63m throw, whilst Chloe Skett threw a slight PB at her new weight of 500g (7.48m).


In the 4x100m relay there was an exciting fight to the line between Sale Harriers and Wigan with Wigan coming 2nd by 0.2s:  Natalia Prokop, Elody Hill, Emily Wilson, Lauren Hewitt (52.3)


4x300m:  Skye Gordon, Grace Harris, Evelyn Hampson, Klaudia Prokop - 5th (3.13)


The U13 boys saw a mixed bag of PBs and debut performances.  In the 75m, Charlie Stretton ran under 11s for the first time with 10.8s in the A race, with Zain Porter-Alam making his 75m debut and running 11.3s.  Charlie also ran a big PB in his 150m finishing the A race in third with 21.4s.  In the 75m hurdles, Zain (in only his second hurdles race) ran 17.4 for third.


In the distance races, Leo Ashcroft ran close to his 800m PB in 2.42, whilst Jack Marsh was just behind him in 2.44 (a 3 second PB).  Ryan Catton also made his 1200m debut running 4.38.


In the field, Zain jumped 2.92m in the long jump, whilst Ryan Catton took on his first shot competition (4.58m) and Leo Ashcroft threw a big PB in the javelin (13.19m) - around 4.5m better than his previous. 


4x100m relay:  Zain Porter-Alam, Ryan Catton, Leo Ashcroft, Charlie Stretton - 6th (63.0)

Completing the round up is the U13 girls.  Some very impressive performances in the sprints saw Bonnie Doveaston knock half a second off her 75m PB (11.5s), whilst Emily Mason ran 10.9s in her debut 75m race.  Another debutant was Anais Lowthian who had a scorcher in the 75m non-scoring race running 10.5s!  Lexie Conradie also ran in that race finishing in 11.7s.


Bonnie was at it again in the 150m, this time knocking 1.5 seconds from her previous best and finishing in 23.0.  Lexi Conradie also improved her best by a second running 23.1.  Concluding the sprints, a very brave Emily Mason ran her first 70m hurdles race, completely unfazed and finishing in a very impressive 13.9s.


In the distance races there were more impressive performances.  Our 800m rocket Katie-Lou Malley dominated the A race winning in 2.26 (2 second PB).  Whilst yet another extremely impressive debut race from Anais saw her finish second in the B race with 2.36!!!  Emily Pennington also ran a 9 second PB in the 1200m (4.24) - Wow, really well-done girls!


In the long jump, Lexi Conradie and Matilda Darby both jumped PBs (3.42m and 3.41m respectively).  Whilst Katie-Lou Malley jumped 1.15m in the high jump (A) and Erin Baron equalled her PB (1.10m) in the B.  Matilda and Katie-Lou took on the shot (5.36 and 4.88m), whilst Erin threw a 1.5m PB in the javelin (12.05) for third. 


4x100m - Anais Lowthian, Matilda Darby, Lexi Conradie, Bonnie Doveaston - 3rd (60.8)


Well done to every one of you who competed and as always to the parents who helped and supported on the day.  Unfortunately, even after some amazing performances we are currently sat at the bottom of the league table.  This is more due to low numbers and events that we have been unable to fill.  If you would like to compete in the last two remaining fixtures, please let either myself or your coach know.  Athletes are eligible to compete in a maximum of three events plus a relay.  Why not have a go at something new?  You never know - it could end up being your strongest event!


Just to finish on the quote of the day from James Darby (very enthusiastically)……"John……….I really enjoyed my 300m race.  I think I need to be sick now before my relay, but I really enjoyed it."  Thanks James - great feedback.


John Hewitt

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