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YDL Lower Review – Match 3: Macclesfield Leisure Centre

The lower team were out in force for the penultimate league match of the season. It was a day of great results and fierce team spirit that saw Wigan secure second place with 519 points. This takes us into the final match of the season on Saturday 22nd July with everything to play for with a close contest between the top four teams – and only two achieving promotion.

First up U15 boys…………

Standout performances:

· Matthew Hayton ran an impressive 12.10 for 2nd place in his 100m. Unfortunately wind assisted, but a 0.4 improvement on his best. Clearly on top form Matty also then ran a PB in the 200m for first place (A) with a 0.29PB (25.70), followed by a further PB in the 80mH (1st B, 14.10) again wind assisted on a challenging day for the weather.

· John Hassan chipped 2 seconds off his 800 time running 02.09 for 2nd (A), plus a huge 5 second PB in his 300m race (42.60) 1st A from last years’ time

· Zain Elfarmawy came 1st (B) in 200m with a 1 second improvement from last years’ time (26.10) , and also set a strong 80mh pb (13.50) 2nd A.

Other performances:

· Zain Elfmarmawy – 3rd high jump A (1.30m)

· Josh Roberts – 2nd 300m A (42.20), 5th long jump A (4.30m), 2nd Shot A (7.78m)

· William Ashcroft – 2nd 800m B (2.21), 3rd Discus B (10.10)

· Lucas Harmer – 2nd 800m NS (2:48), 3rd Discus A (11.09)

· Alexander Glenn – 5th 1500m A (05:27), =2nd High Jump B (1.30m)

4x100m – Alexander Glenn, Joshua Roberts, Zain Elfarmawy, Matthew Hayton – 1st (52.10)

U15 Girls……

Standout performances:

· Emma Pimblett – 1st 100m A (12.80) – just outside her best and wind assisted but showing great form following a recent setback.

· Kady Hall – 3rd 200m A (26.80) – again the wind wreaking havoc and just outside her best.

· Lauren Hewitt – 2nd 75mh A (12.40) just outside her best but showing great form and also a strong 4.85m long jump (2nd) A, before setting a 300m PB 47.90 (A)

· Emily Wilson – 1st pole vault A (1.30m) – 10 cm pb, before setting a high jump pb (1.30m) B

Other performances:

· Natalia Prokop – 1st 200m B (29.20)

· Klaudia Prokop – 2nd 300m B (50.20)

· Nour Kholeif – 4th 800m a (02.37)

· Katie Bonner – 3rd 800m B (02:52), 3rd Javelin B (5.15m)

· Lucy Stretton – 1st 75mh B (13.70), 2nd Pole Vault B (2.00m), 2nd Shot B (6.16m)

· Chloe Budworth – 1st Long Jump B (4.50m), 4th Shot A (6.56m), 1st 100m NS (13.9)

· Kady Hall – 1st high jump A (1.45m)

· Emily Wilson – 7th javelin A (8.56m)

· Olivia Berry – 2nd 100m NS (TBC)

4x100m – Lucy Stretton, Lauren Hewitt, Emily Wilson, Emma Pimblett – 1st (54.70)

4x300m – Natalia Prokop, Nour Kholeif, Klaudia Prokop, Chloe Budworth – 3rd (03.21)

U13 Boys…..

Standout performances:

· Charlie Capstick!! – CLUB RECORD! – 2nd 150m B (20.70). Although a wind assisted run, this will sit alongside the previous record set by Henry Morris in Match 1 (21.0) which was not wind assisted – well done boys! Charlie also set a PB in the 75m (10.50) for 2nd.

· Henry Morris – Ran a 75m PB knocking 0.3 off his previous PB (10.50) 3rd A and equalling Charlie’s time – an interesting little duo to watch.

· Zak Manir-Jolley – 1st 1200m A (03.58) – that’s a 17 second improvement since his last run in June

· Sam Hodgkinson – 3rd 75mh A (15.40) – a huge 2 second PB since the last match in June

Other performances:

· Finley Callister – 5rd 75m NS (11.90), 4th long jump B (3.49m), =2nd high jump B (1.10m)

· Charlie Stretton – 3rd 75m NS (11.30), 1st 800m NS (3.00)

· Theo Morgan – 6th 150m A (22.40), 3rd 75mh B (18.00)

· James Darby – 4th Shot B (4.65m), 4th Javelin (2.81m) – James was also harshly DQ’d from the 800m A for a lane breach after winning that race.

· Leo Ashcroft – 1st 800m B (02.42)

· Henry Morris – 5th long jump A (3.89m)

· Sam Hodgkinson – 3rd high jump A (1.30m), 3rd javelin A (22.79m)

· Zak Manir Jolley – 6th Shot A (5.05m)

4x100m – Theo Morgan, Charlie Capstick, Samuel Hodgkinson, Henry Morris – 2nd (58.40)


Standout performances:

· Katie-Lou Malley – 3rd 800m A (02.32) – a 13 second PB from earlier this year

· Evelyn Hampson – 1st 150m B (21.10) – 0.7 second PB

· Skye Gordon – 4th 70mh A (12.90) – getting under 13s for the first time, 4th 150m A (21.50) – setting a PB in that event

· Elody Hill – 4th 75m A (10.80) – equalling her PB

Other performances:

· Chloe Skett – 3rd 75m B (11.20), 4th Shot B (4.64m), 6th Javelin A (7.08m)

· Amber Kyte – 5th 75m NS (11.60), 1st Shot A (6.14m)

· Mia Lacey – 4th 1200m A (04.33), 2nd 70mh B (14.70), 3rd high jump A (1.23m)

· Layla Hall – 1st 1200m B (04.46)

· Evelyn Hampson – 4th long jump A (3.89m), 2nd high jump B (1.10m)

· Elody Hill – 3rd long jump B (3.61m), 6th javelin B (4.99m)

4x100m – Skye Gordon, Chloe Skett, Evelyn Hampson, Elody Hill – 2nd (59.60)

An enormous well done to everyone who turned up and competed today. Lots of young athletes were competing in events for the very first time and we are so proud of you all. This not only helps the team to score points, but also lets you experience a range of different events allowing you to see where your strengths might lie.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at our final league match of the season in two weeks’ time.

Great team effort!

John Hewitt – Team Manager (YDL Lower)

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